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     Behavior Essentials can increase the level of patience you as parents and caregivers demonstrate when addressing difficult behavior with your children. Evidenced-based approaches are applied to gain frustration tolerance for waiting, which is a common challenge among most children. Behavior plans may call for modeling patience, clearly defining rules, calibrating expectations based on your child's age and ability, relaxation techniques, wait strategies involving activity completion, schedules, and visual timers. Timers are also a helpful reminder for you as parents to deliver on your promises and brings a great deal of trust into the parent-child relationship.

The following behaviors can be systematically targeted during individualized consultation sessions and parent training. 


     Behavior Essentials can address issues associated with fear using systematic desensitization procedures to conquer trepidation with bugs, dogs, birds or other animals, testing, sleeping alone, general separation, loud or sudden noises, masks/costumes/mascots, toilet training, water/bath/pools, and health care workers, etc. With individualized planning, your child can learn coping and relaxation strategies to reduce their anxiety. Routines may be developed then implemented to bring a sense of predictability into your child's day to day. 


     Behavior Essentials can increase safety skills such as crossing the street, stranger danger, body safety, etc. You can learn effective strategies for discussing targeted safety topics with your children and learn to establish and then reinforce adherence to safety rules. Support and training for technology safety (applications and software to monitor safe behavior online) can be provided and parameters can be agreed upon and set for your family. 


     Deficits in communication are an overarching feature among individuals with developmental disabilities. Behavior Essentials can increase language skills through language curriculum or simply by teaching appropriate replacement phrases to overcome excesses in protest and tantrum behavior. 

Even without a disability, children today can lack the necessary communication skills due to the amount of time most most spend on the computer, watching television, or playing video games. Behavior Essentials can help your family to increase quality communicative interactions whether it be through communication games, teaching assertiveness, or practicing the many components required to be equipped with conversational skills.



     Behavior Essentials can help to increase independence your children across many aspects of their day. For most families, getting out of the house peacefully in the morning or completing homework after school can be quite chaotic. We can help you establish and then reinforce independent morning, after school, or nighttime routines or other daily activities such as chores, homework, meal or snack preperation, etc.  Toileting routines and initiation may also be targeted. Ask us about our structured toilet training plan, that when implemented properly can allow your child to be out of diapers within a two or three day period.



     Behavior Essentials can maximize productivity during  your children's homework and daily routine or at school by applying evidenced-based practices for building attention, time management, focus, task-completion, and on-task behavior. 


     Children often tantrum because it may seem "easier" for them to get what they want or get out of doing something they don't want. Behavior Essentials can help teach your child to select better choices for ideal outcomes when angry, scared, or frustrated while increasing cooperation. Repetitive and stereotyped behavior or sensory seeking behavior (e.g., thumb sucking, rocking, hand flapping, lining up toys, obsessive rituals, restricted play) can also be addressed when new, more appropriate behaviors are taught and reinforced.



     Behavior Essentials can increase peer and family socialization. Using a broad range of evidenced-based curriculum such as Skills Streaming for Preschoolers, Children, and Adolescents and Theory of Mind Training, your children can learn to navigate the social world with greater ease. Social Skills groups to target your child's individuals strengths and weakness can be arranged with goals and objectives developed to capitalize on your child's strengths and weaknesses. 


     For children who demonstrate aversions to specific foods, food groups, textures, smells, etc., Behavior Essentials can create individualized healthy eating programs. Here, we can increase tolerance to and regular intake of nutritionally sound foods as well as implementing a regular exercise program that is tailored to your child's needs. Collaboration with Certified Nutritionists and Fitness Trainers may be arranged. 

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