Losing the Diagnosis

By: Renée Knipper, Behavior Essentials Intake Specialist

Is there a cure for Autism?
This is a question that has been asked by countless parents and caregivers of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The short answer is no. Autism is not a disease that can or should be cured. It is a neurodevelopmental disorder that people live with throughout their entire lives. However, there is a glimmer of hope in the journey of individuals with ASD - the possibility of losing the diagnosis through the power of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy.

The Early Diagnosis:
At the age of 5, my son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It was a moment that changed our lives forever. Like any parent faced with this diagnosis, we were determined to do whatever it took to provide the best possible future for our child.

Enter ABA Therapy:
We decided to start early with one-on-one ABA therapy. ABA, or Applied Behavior Analysis, is a scientifically validated treatment that focuses on improving specific behaviors and skills in individuals with ASD. We committed to an average of 15 hours per week of ABA therapy for four years.

The Impact of ABA Therapy:
As our son engaged in ABA therapy, we began to witness remarkable changes in his behavior, communication, and social skills. The lessons he learned in ABA became a vital part of his daily life, extending beyond therapy sessions into his home life, school activities, and even extracurricular activities like Boy Scouts and sports.

A New Perspective:
About a year ago, someone posed an intriguing question to me: "Have you ever considered having your son re-evaluated to see if he might be able to lose the ASD diagnosis?" The possibility of this had never crossed my mind before. I pondered it for a while and then approached my teenage son with the idea. After careful consideration, he calmly expressed his interest in pursuing a new evaluation to see what had changed over the years.

The Re-Evaluation:
This year, as my son turned 16, we took the bold step of having him re-evaluated for ASD. The report from the evaluation was nothing short of astonishing. It stated that he now presents as a high-achieving, typically developing teenager with no symptoms of ASD. The transformation was a testament to his hard work and the effectiveness of ABA therapy.

A Note of Pride:
As a parent, I couldn't be prouder of all the effort and determination my son has put into his journey. While there may be no cure for Autism, his experience highlights that individuals with ASD can overcome their deficits with the right support, potentially leading to a life where they present as typically developing individuals.

Behavior Essentials: Your Partner in the Journey:
At Behavior Essentials in Las Vegas, we are committed to helping families like ours navigate the world of ABA therapy and autism support. We understand the power of early intervention and the potential for growth in individuals with ASD. Our personalized ABA therapy, autism therapy, and behavior support services in Las Vegas are designed to provide the right support for your family. If you're seeking guidance or have questions about how ABA therapy can make a difference in your child's life, don't hesitate to reach out to us. You can call me at 702-445-0465 or email me at getstarted@behavioressentials.com.

Together, we can discuss how to unlock the potential within your loved one and embark on a journey of transformation.In conclusion, while there may not be a cure for Autism, the story of my son's journey with ABA therapy in Las Vegas is a testament to the remarkable progress that individuals with ASD can achieve. Through early intervention and the right support, they can rewrite their stories and thrive in a world of endless possibilities.