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Behavioral Therapy in a Parent Coaching Model

At Behavior Essentials, we believe in empowering parents. We give parents the tools they need to create behavioral change in their child with autism. Our service starts with an initial behavior assessment, but we don’t stop there. We curate individual behavioral therapy plans, provide training and education, and transition families toward therapy solutions that work.

ABA Behavior Assesment

ABA behavior assessment

We thoroughly assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses and create a unique roadmap for intervention. Working jointly with you, we select the behavior impacting your family most to target

Parents Autism Diagnosis Las Vegas

Parent-focused behavior therapy

Through a series of lessons, we teach you all about behavior and autism. You learn specialized terminology, proactive strategies for problem behaviors, and the ABCs of behavioral change

Clinical ABA Therapy

Objective clinical recommendation

Upon completion of our behavioral therapy program, we use multi-factor analysis to determine the appropriate next steps for your family. We support you in finding the right ABA providers and enrolling in the right therapies

You’re an Essential Part of the Team

Parents - help with autism behaviors

The Value Parents Bring

Family Expertise. You understand your family’s values, culture, and lifestyle. Which behaviors disrupt the family balance? Which situations present the greatest difficulty?
Child Expertise. Better than anyone else, you understand your child’s sensitivities, preferences, and motivations. What will your child work for? What will he or she avoid? Which strategies have worked before and which have failed?
Early Autism Diagnosis - ABA

The Value We Bring

Behavior Expertise. We live by the principles of behavior and believe that understanding what motivates behavior is the key to helping change it. If your child has a problem behavior, we’ve likely observed it in other families. And, most importantly, we know which strategies will help improve it for yours.
Autism Expertise. After 20+ years, we understand the intricacies of autism. We know the communication, social, and behavioral differences that make ASD complex. Our therapists stay up to date on research in the field, remembering that each child with autism is unique.