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Behavioral Therapy for Your Unique Parenting Style

At Behavior Essentials, we believe in supporting you, the parents. We help you to better understand what is driving your child's behaviors and why these behaviors are happening, increasing the behaviors you want to see more of and decreasing the behaviors that are challenging for your child and your family. Communication is at the root of all behavior, and we will work alongside you to help you gain the support your family needs to communicate proactively and effectively. Our services start with an initial behavior assessment so we can curate individual behavioral therapy plans, provide training and education, and transition your family toward therapy solutions that work best for your whole family.

ABA Behavior Assesment

Behavior Assessment, Planning and Coaching

We see the behavior and believe in taking a holistic approach to understanding your child's strengths and areas for growth. We gain insight into their unique qualities and challenges through a detailed assessment process. By collaborating closely with you, we prioritize the behaviors that are most impactful to your family. Together, we craft a personalized roadmap for intervention tailored to meet your child's specific needs and give you the tools and understanding to help the whole family thrive.

Parents Autism Diagnosis Las Vegas

Education: Empowering Parents with Behavior Therapy

Our parent-focused behavior therapy program will equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to support your child. In our structured lessons, we delve into the intricate world of behavior, providing you with insight to be able to see behavior and the events that surround it more objectively and understand all behavior communicates a deeper need. Through storytelling and real-life examples, we help you learn the reason behind behaviors. You'll learn proactive strategies for addressing problem behaviors and better understand the ABCs (Antecedent, Behavior, and Consequence) of behavioral change. We are educating you on the science of ABA and using ABA in a practical, everyday way. In our program, you will get a deeper understanding of the WHY behind the behavior, and we do it all in real time right alongside you. Some providers will tell you what to do or help you understand the science, but at Behavior Essentials, those two objectives run in parallel.

Clinical ABA Therapy

Objective Clinical Guidance

Based on our time with you and your family and data-driven insights, we offer recommendations tailored to your unique circumstances and help you secure other resources as we go. We stand by your side from the very beginning, providing support as you navigate selecting the right ABA providers and enrolling in the most beneficial therapies for your child. Our goal is to ensure that you receive comprehensive care and support from understanding your insurance plans, helping you follow up with providers, tips for writing emails specific to your child's needs and everything in between. This guidance happens from day one with the goal that there is overlap between our program and your next step so that you know you are always covered with the support you need.

What Happens After Us?

Experience transformation beyond your expectations with Behavior Essentials. Our program delivers clear outcomes tailored to your family's needs, ensuring lasting impact. You will benefit from our continued support, including complimentary follow-up meetings, continually empowering you to navigate challenges, and exclusive access to enriching webinars exclusive to you. After you graduate, at least twice per year, there are opportunities to engage in comprehensive parent reviews that foster collaboration and reinforce educational concepts. Equipped with lifelong tools, our program provides support to help you thrive long after program completion. You can never forget the tools learned in our program, but you can forget to use them; this is why, at Behavior Essentials, we are passionate about continual support to ensure lasting positive change.

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